Sunday, 12 January 2014

A Frosty January Morning and Up Early to Drive to a Nine O' Clock Service (Villanelle)

South south east, the sky was streaked dramatically,
St Johns on the horizon piercing it,
I appreciated them, aesthetically.

I drove due east through frost, resignedly,
The sun on the horizon melting it,
And wished to record it, photographically.

The chapel at Bursea snuggled cosily
Beside the manor farm, protecting it;
I appreciated them, aesthetically.

Inside was warm and I sat, hypocritically
Mumbling the service, and rejecting it,
Yet singing hymns enthusiastically.

The old vicar and his voice which beautifully
Spoke the service, enunciating it;
I appreciated them, aesthetically.

The light which shone in, brilliantly;
The words spoken by others, 'meaning it,'
I wished to imitate, poetically,
And appreciated them, aesthetically.


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