Saturday, 8 February 2014

Ging Gang Goole 1 (Three linked rondeaux, where the A rhyme of the first stanza becomes the B rhyme of the next)

I wanted to write a series of poems on the subject of Goole and thought I would start with the port, as that is how the place started.  I have been looking at Goole on the web, where people post their memories and which is very informative on the local history of the area.

Goole, the largest inland port
Still thrives, not a place of last resort,
For those whose business is to trade
In timber, veg. oil., bulk freight. It's made
A profit year on year; goods bought,
Handled: 2 million tonnes.
                                                          Though the thought
Of Goole is not this dull report,
But cranes against the sky displayed.
And the air on fire, buildings arrayed
To juxtapose the sun; betrayed
When the sky is dull, but when caught
Red - splendid.  And bikes for transport,
Salt and Pepper, and wishing you'd stayed,
             The largest port inland,
Where church and docks look hand in hand,
Where 'fairies' famously plied their trade,
(In fishnet tights, hard hats) displayed
Their wares?  And were there boys?
                                                                 Though banned,
The oldest trade can still command

Great interest; do online 'fairies' stand,
And on cyberspace's quays, parade?
Always able to withstand
The jeering at its name, demand
Grudging respect, from those who've stayed,
Though sentiment's unknown. When you've made
This place your home, love's quite unplanned.
           the inland port, is very large,
3 miles where shipping can discharge.
The vessels float through rich warp land
A strange sight to behold, but stand,
And watch a ship, not just a barge,
Float through a field.
                                         If you wish to enlarge
Your horizons come here, recharge
In changing light. Learn to understand
Enjoy the turquoise at the verge
Of land, where air and water merge,
Where Aire is water, and the grand
Lowther Hotel can still command
Admiring gasps.  Don't disparage

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