Thursday, 18 December 2014

A "Face Sitting" Protest Outside The House of Commons 12 December. Rondeau(Protesting about changes in the law governing what can be depicted in British pornography, apparently not much that demonstrates female arousal.)

Outside the House of Commons where
The ground is cold, some women wear
Strange clothes and leather bondage gear.
They're fighting for their right to freer
Self expression.  There's not one chair
In sight. They sit on faces: bare
Faced cheek! (Or something.) And as there
Are men upon the pavement, here
Outside The House of Commons
One cannot but assume that they're
Cross too, about this law. They share
The anger.  Why ban pleasure? We're
Sick of this! Where's Germaine Greer?
For freedom we'll do what we dare:
Outside The House of Commons

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