Sunday, 28 December 2014

My Love, if only you had Lethologica (Sestina)

You are on occasion inaniloquent, but mostly
I wish you were more silent, preferring
To D. what you have Q.E.'d, I'd like you
Better.  Having to peruse the dictionary
To comprehend that you are passing
A compliment is stupid.
The back of my jeans bulge, I look stupid
Pulling out the pocket version. Mostly
It just backfires. To say I am callipygian, passing
A compliment on that part of my anatomy, preferring
To do so, than inadvertantly fondle the dictionary:
I don't understand you.
Why speak of apodyopsis, when you
Could actually take off my clothes, stupid!
Sometimes you are just an aeolist. The dictionary
Inspires you but you lack feeling. Mostly
I think you are full of autolatry, preferring
Yourself to all others, passing
On words instead of love, passing
On a series of sounds and letters, like you
Did the other day, declaring you had basorexia, preferring
To speak of it than act upon it.  Stupid
Men are more snoggable, I like cataglottism, mostly.
The dictionary
Suggests that you are blandiloquent. The dictionary
Does have it's uses. In passing
The other day you mentioned I was bathykolpian. Mostly
I wear a size 10, I'm a 34 C. You
Just wanted to show off, or were wishing I was some stupid
Big titted, other woman, preferring
Fantasy again, preferring
Words. When did you swallow the dictionary?
You have lygerastia, yet all day you're krukolibidinous, stupid
Man, why not act? I have permanent gymnophoria.  Passing
By the other day, you
Did not even respond to my vesthibitionism, mostly
Preferring to look away, though in passing
The dictionary to me you mentioned some stupid word,
Was it tibialoconcupiscent?  Mostly I just ignore you.

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