Wednesday, 31 December 2014

"People You May Know"

Beth and Millie, Kodi, Jodie and Chantelle
All friends who know your teenage children's friends,
And gaze at you all doe eyed, tame gazelle,
Pouting in the most ridiculous way,
Which only lends an air of sad hilarity
And touches at your crabbed old heart,
And leaves you conscious of the great disparity
Of self assurance that exists between the grey
And dreariness of middle age and childhood's ragged ends.
And then I find my inner teenage soul,
And reaching for the wondrous 'selfie stick'
And holding it aloft, I concentrate.
I gaze into the tiny camera hole,
With face sucked in and lips pushed out, and 'click'
The timer snaps me, wide eyed
In my wrinkled, blotchy state.
And I feel rather sad, for if I tried
To send a friend request to Beth, or Kodi or to Millie
They would see a has-been, mad old bat, just being silly.

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