Sunday, 3 January 2016

Doggerel on Australian Animals

The duck billed platypus is weird
She lays an egg, also 
Has milk that oozes through her skin
And so her fur gets smeared.
Her baby thing looks like a grub,
Or like a poor stubbed toe,
All pink and bony, small and thin,
You'd scream if one appeared.

Koala bears are silly chumps
You know it's really true,
They live in eucalyptus trees,
Are stoned and dopey as rock bands
With rather cuter, furry knees.
They chew on gum leaves, greyish blue,
And from the ground they look like lumps
With little leather feet and hands
And fur of rabbit's hue.

The kangaroo is stranger still
Its baby's really small,
And neat.
It crawls into its mother pouch
And drinks rich milk from mother's teat
It seems to help itself at will
And grows until it's tall.
And when it's out it learns to crouch,
Then boings on massive feet.

Echidna has a long thin nose
And nasty spiky quills
She likes to snort the termites up
And swallow them like pills.
She doesn't bare a baby child,
She lays an egg instead,
And lives her life out in the wild,
Each day, until she's dead.

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