Monday, 25 January 2016

Ever Closer Union

I don't know why I took you to my bed,
I can't imagine what it was you said,
It can't have been your looks, for you are vast,
And take up every bit of room.
And every inch I cede, because at last
I cannot fend you off,
You find is insufficient in your greed.
You seem to grow and yet crave ever more,
Take all, give nought and leave me tired and poor.

I don't know why I took you in my arms,
I can't think why I let you touch my hands,
Your desire is only to devour,
Your intellect is low, you have no charms
You wallow like a fat and bloated boar:
You're without manners, ugly, stupid, rude,
Your snout and trotters always in the trough.
Our marriage is one endless round of gloom,
God knows, why did I plight my troth
To such a worthless, useless, lazy sloth
When always I have had my doubts, my qualms?

I don't know why I took you to my bed,
I don't know how you held such sway, such power.
I don't know why I married you, instead
Of keeping liberty which I have prized
Through generations, now quite compromised,
Restricted by your endless mad demands.
I hope I have the strength to slough you off
Like old dead skin and feel myself renewed.

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