Sunday, 8 May 2016

To Rupa Huq, MP (Labour) An Apolgy For Past Wrongs

(last year she wanted Britain to apologise for the creation of the state of Israel)

Just less than three score years ago, and ten,
in arrogance of recent victory,
so flushed with pride and clear in our certainty
we saw a way to help our fellow men,
and 'put right' history.

We thought our role, was helping those
who wished to live according to their faith,
to worship God according to tradition,
not merely as a private act, but in the institution
of a state, a separate nation.

We thought it wise and right to help men live
according to particular belief,
in acknowledgement of ideas 
such men considered holy
in accordance with God's word and His instruction.

We sought, in pride, to help create a place,
which separated men from one another,
like sheep from goats, accepting of the notion
that ideals of how to live 
were bound up with religion. 

These men themselves had long expressed this need
and in misplaced compassion we agreed.
for after all men suffer persecution
for belief. And persecution was, for some, all they had known.
and who were we, who knew Christ's suffering,
to deny a place of safety unto them
that wished for some small corner of this earth
to be a place to call their own?

Yet who were we?
Was it up to us to grant the wishes of our fellows?
Is it right to intercede in any territorial fight,
cause retributive genocide, displacement, mass migration?
And carve up countries into separate jurisdictions
because certain kinds of men seek domination?
Weren't we deluded in our aims? 
How could we, mired as we were in ancient wrongs,
help put things right?

Was it in our power at all to say
this land belongs to one who worships in this way,
and none must seek to question 
the validity of this high handed action?

And now, do all those who dwell within this sovereign nation,
live in freedom and as equals?
Has intolerance become an unknown notion?
Is it a patch of earth where there's no persecution?
Do all men live at liberty, in this land,
to express their freely held convictions
while governed by such men as understand,
that truth and peace flow from consideration
of the struggle each man has to live life well?
Is there absolute contentment in the total population?
Can we say, with hindsight, we were right to plan
this violent, troubled nation: Pakistan?

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