Wednesday, 25 September 2019

A Supreme Being

Hello, I’ m Lady Hale,
I have  just replaced The Queen,
I may be grey and frail,
Though I’m not some old ‘has been’.
I’m the face of progress, a new broom sweeping clean.
Don’t give me your tradition, for it’s stale.
I make up law upon the hoof, and seek out pastures green.
Hello, I’m Lady Hale,
My role is to derail.
I find the Constitution quite obscene.
I wish to see it ruined and so it’s up for sale.
I have just replaced The Queen,
Who needs the old Monarchic scene?
We will be a Republic, but first let us hail
Me, as Protecter, I’m in charge and quite serene.
I may be grey and frail
But I never ever fail
To trash all that’s held good and I’ve been seen
So to do: the old order’s coffin got its final nail.
Though I’m not some old ‘has-been’
There are some rules on which I’m keen:
My judgement can’t be questioned, or I’ll wail
And scweam. I’m impartial, don’t deny it as I intervene,
I weigh only justice in my scale.
I’m Lady Hale. 

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