Wednesday, 20 May 2020

A Necropolitics of Inequality

“The lockdown is a political mechanism not simply for the prevention but for the redistribution of negative effects. Lockdowns shift negative effects away from hotspots of public attention to places where they are less visible and presumably less serious. In this way, they are part and parcel of a necropolitics of inequality.“

Carlo Caduff

To lock the population down (or up)
A choice political, I am afraid,
A mechanism, of which use was made,
By someone with a black, half empty cup,
It seems had negative effects, severe,
It did not lead to their prevention, no,
It added to them, yet in doing so
It caused redistribution, it is clear,
Of illness and depression, to such places
Where misery can’t easily be seen
Where death occurs obscurely and no scene
Descriptive of state failings in shared spaces
Can be publicly observed. Polity,
This necropolitics of inequality?

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