Wednesday, 24 June 2020

Monads And Gonads

A Monad is a God in Gnosticism,
An Ineffable Parent, primal Father.
Whereas there is not really such a thing
As a Mod in monasticism,
Though perhaps there used to be,
In Ireland, in the ‘60’s.
Most people’s ineffable father is their dad,
And these days he’s not so ineffable as he used to be,
Which is rather sad.
Gonads a plenty must occur
In monasticism, but not necessarily in Gnosticism.
And Monads, as far as we know,
Don’t have Gonads.
Neither do Monads arise from gonads
There is no Monadatropin,
No hormone involved in the whole process,
For a Monad, more is definitely less.
According to Leibniz though,
Thinking as a philosopher, not a mathematician, 
A monad was an indivisible unit
But not really like a man,
Though of course he couldn’t prove it,
And nobody really can,
He developed his theory and did his best to fine tune it.

Thinking as a mathematician
A monad is a three term complex,
Which sounds like God, in the Christian tradition.
Whereas, at the risk of repetition,
In Gnosticism, 
A monad is literally ‘the many in the one’,
Which sounds fun.
Whereas a gonad is not usually singular
It does contains gametes, 
Whose whole raison d’etre is socialisation,
So that they multiply,
Becoming out of the one, many
A Monad does not contain mametes,
No, not any, 
And for that reason tolerates eternal isolation. 

(P.S. The Demiurge, is not related to Fanny Burney,
Author of Evelina)

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