Thursday, 20 January 2022

I went To A Marvellous Work Do

I went to a marvellous works do

With Boris and Carrie as well 

It was in the fresh air 

And we went as we were 

But we were n’t really there, 

I’ve heard tell

People’s behaviour

Away from Belgravia 

Is nothing like as blasé

As that in SW1A

It would make you aghast,

So much variety

Watching society

Scampering past

If you have any mind at all

Gibbon's divine Decline and Fall

Seems pretty flimsy

No more than a whimsy

By way of contrast

On Saturday last

I went to a marvellous works do

I must say the fun was intense

We did what we knew

Unashamed, in full view

Such things as people like us always do,

Will be doing a hundred years hence.

I went to a marvellous work do,

It might have been a ball,

And somebody swung from the chandelier

Though who it was

I have no idea,

Though I’m sure their apology’s most sincere

And nothing will change at all. 


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