Saturday, 17 August 2019

Lady Chapel, Ely Cathedral.

There’s no purifying fire, though it’s source, the sun
blazes, somewhere, out of sight,
just purifying light.
The blue above The Fens, Prussian, lapis lazuli, azure,
scattered in the atmosphere, 
contrasting with the grey-gold-white
of limestone lamella, hymenophore,
pours through plain panes, making things clear.

The stone crowd, once gathered in niches, is no more.
There’s only Modern Mary, plump in pleated  gown,
as if months have passed since she conceived,
arms raised to Heaven, eyes down.
And only a few living souls stand, stunned,
gazing in awe,
struck, not by stained, chromatic decoration,
but by destruction, desecration, 
which yet seems cure,
a counterintuitive restoration,
not just of faith in God,
but in the superior skills and determination, 
of men who believed,
though so much of what they achieved
is no longer there.
Now there is only clarity
what is left, laid bare,
peace, calm
flooding through each warped, transparent plane,
creating here and there a lens,
Magnificat Dominum
pouring through
this ‘Ship of the Fens’
this miracle of the warpland plain,
this place, whose space was ever pure,
so that we’re bathed by balm 
the grace that spills across each embrasure.

Sunday, 4 August 2019

After Reading an Article in the Middle of the Night About Dr Seuss, and how to Pronounce His Name.

It is too late, it is no use,
I keep on saying Dr Seuss,
I read your words and hear my voice
And find I simply have no choice,
However much I wish to say
His name the proper German way,
My silly brain will not refrain
From mispronouncing it again. 
It is too late
I have no choice
I simply can’t say Dr Seuss. 

Saturday, 3 August 2019

Paving Over the Cow Paths

Meandering at random in pursuit
Of more of what was sought before and loved,
Does not seem a bad way to make a route.
But fixing these in stone is plainly mad
And a pointless contradiction in terms.
And yet I don’t rejoice, I don’t feel glad,
When cogitating the alternative,
Because I know that those who’d 'pave the way'
And lead their followers to  pastures new,
Are prone to lead the gullible astray.
And worse than a tarred cow path is a road
Paved with good intentions, ill thought through.