Thursday, 31 January 2019

Sunset Walk In Mist On The Riverbank.

Rose sky where the steam rose
Out of the cloud machine,
Mist sank where the ground froze
Perfecting winter’s scene,
Two deer in stubble stood

Scenting the laden air,
Red sun dropped behind Drax
Leaving a strange despair
Made manifest in blacks
Against the fog, the crows,

Mad rags of night let out
An hour before its time,
Soot smuts dappled about,
Arguing, as the rime
Grew on thin twigs between

Patches of air, condensed.
A rough dog, barged into sight
And breaking the spell recommenced
His oafish, canine show of might
Putting up pheasants through the wood. 

Wednesday, 23 January 2019

Observe The Dull Entitled Bore

How many Mr Brookes there are
Upon the benches green, no star
With real passion burns, to light
The dreary chamber’s gloom. No knight,
No wondrous Ladislaw speaks out.

Observe the dull, entitled bore
Repeating points he’s made before,
Contemptuous, he must ignore
His manifesto pledges, shout

About his greater intellect
Which means the demos must respect
The crap he speaks, else why elect
Him, not some other local lout?

And here is female vast conceit
She represents an old,safe seat
And feels her mission’s to defeat
Those whom she ‘represents’. No doubt

Has ever filled her head, her mind
Has never questioned aught, she’s blind,
Unteachable, untaught, she feels
And feeling does instead, reveals
Her ‘greater’ human heart.  She seals

Our doom, knows not what she’s about.

Tuesday, 22 January 2019

That Velvet Gentle Love

The peace within the room is there
Despite the people, unaware,
Who chatter, do not sense it yet,
Don’t have the knack, or else forget
The way they felt it long ago

In childhood, in their mother’s arms,
Soothed after stress or wild alarms
That velvet, gentle love that calms
Is still, pervades, yet seems to flow

From some point out of reach, obscure.
Perhaps I need it to restore
My equilibrium once more
And so I sense it and I know

The truth of all that’s said of it.
Its peach and honey warmth, sunlit,
Its strength that leads one to commit,
Accept, and yield and then to grow.

By seeking for it every day
One lives outside, beyond the fray,
Immune to fellow apes’ display
Of dominance, their wish to show

The world their violence or strength.
We measure by a different length
To ascertain the depths of things,
The depths of peace that stillness brings
The depths of love that swells and springs

To fill the void that’s left by woe.

Monday, 14 January 2019

‘A dreary tribe of high minded women and sandal wearers and bearded fruit juice drinkers, who come flocking towards the smell of ‘progress’ like bluebottles to a dead cat’. (Orwell)

All these decades later they’re still here,
High minded, sandal wearing and sincere
In their contempt for others, like them,
Whose Anglo Saxon natures they condemn.
They still drink fruit juice, eat the vegan way,
And know the very latest things to say,
That show that they belong, are in the loop,
Are members of the dreary, bossy group,
Whose whole purpose is to sneer and annoy,
Whose ‘raison d’etre’ is to crush, and to destroy,
And pull the rugs from under people’s feet,
By claiming this is ‘progress’. Their conceit
Astonishes, they have the will
To take back freedom dearly won and fill
The void with harsh dictatorship, they think benign,
Not comprehending imposition by design
Is incompatible with what is good.
They sideline rules, condemn what’s understood,
Believe their fellow men, lumped as one mass,
Beneath the salt, beyond the pale, the working class.

Friday, 11 January 2019

"Out Of The Crooked Timber Of Humanity, No Straight Thing Was Ever Made" Kant

"Out of the crooked timber of humanity,
No straight thing was ever made"
But more than crooked,
As we grow towards the light
We are pollard
By experience, coppiced, pruned,
So an irregularity
Mottles us right through with burls,
And colours us in patches of a deeper shade,
So were we sliced or sawn,
Plain, rift, quartered,
Or used as fine veneers,
Civilisation thin,
And polished, beeswax bright,
You'd see the unique beauty of our whirls,
Chatoyant gold, our swirls
Of individuality,
Marked from the day we were born,
By choices and restrictions,
And growing yet more dappled every day
And would not seek for artificial clarity,
Would see there was nothing to gain
In reducing our beliefs and our ideas
To measurable units, would not weigh
Our contradictions,
Nor work against the grain.

Wednesday, 9 January 2019

This Government's Position

As Deputy Prime Minister,
Let me spell out our position:
Things will be truly dreadful,
A disaster, one big mess,
Things will be awful and chaotic,
And therefore let me stress
My own incompetence,
Without inhibition.
We cannot govern easily,
Because we're not exotic:
Only suave, drunk, scheming, foreign chaps know how to rule,
You see, I might be a Minister, but I'm also a fool.
So let me emphasize the failure of our administration,
And let me cause the public more and more distress,
Let me advertise our weaknesses
Our laziness, our uselessness,
Let’s inflate the great frustration,
That is felt throughout the nation,
Let me talk the country down.
As Deputy Prime Minister
Let me tell you our position,
Things will be truly dreadful,
Disastrous, one big mess,
I might have sworn allegience to the Crown,
But I'll show no contrition,
For I hate this thing ‘the nation’
Though I demand your admiration,
While plainly admitting I'm a moron and a clown.

Wednesday, 2 January 2019

New Year’s Day 2018

The bedroom carpet has a coat of hair,
Nice hair, quite thick, that’s mostly bombshell blonde,
And stands out well against the Turkey red,
Where it lies deepest underneath the chair
For all domestic guilt seemed to abscond
Last year, towards the end of May.  The bed
Is hairy too and looks poor, sleazy
But I can look on it and feel quite easy.
The strong desire I once possessed, to clean,
Has gone the way of other lifetime habits
Like persevering to the bitter end
Of books which do not interest me at all.
The sun shines in upon the ironing:
A pile of damask, crumpled table cloths,
Easy to ignore,
And on a heap of clothes I need to mend,
And makes a rather nice interior scene.
And I think back to the days of children, small,
And umpteen cats, a dog and indoor rabbits,
And their endless currents on the kitchen floor,
When having more to do meant doing more.