Monday, 28 August 2017

Today I Was Merely An Imprint

Today I was merely an imprint
A faint copy, somewhere near the surface of my mind.
So that on waking, everything was in place,
No need to burrow up from the depths towards the light.
Today I was merely a faint idea, sketchy,
Just sufficient to function.
Nothing challenged me, so there was no disgrace,
No failure to perform and no evidence, no trace
Of absent mindedness because I left nothing behind,
Except a first, thin coat of blue grey paint.

Sunday, 6 August 2017

HRH The Duke Of Edinburgh On "The Excellence Of Being Cold".

I am most excellently cold,
My breath hangs all around me in a mist,
I'm ninety seven years old,
But warm inside, because I'm pissed.
Our jollies in Balmoral are
The freest times we have, by far,
We sit and freeze, hour after hour,
Beside the old electric fire,
And if I'm good, do all I'm told,
Then Liz lets me switch on one bar.