Thursday, 31 March 2022

Never Trust

‘Ten Pythagorean Quotes To Learn Before You Die’,

The title tempted me to click 

And yet what really caught my eye

Was one strange line (perhaps I’m thick)

“Never trust a friend who speaks”.

At last a man who thought as I do,

Ah, these genius ancient Greeks,

Though I know much less than he knew

Have never set myself to muse

(And if I did would find it stale)

Upon the squared hypotenuse,

Nor have I found the perfect scale,

And yet it seems I am as wise

As he, for I have also learned

That the language of the eyes

Is best, cannot be twisted, turned.

One cannot trust one’s human friends,

They tend to conversation,

Friendship peters out and ends

And leaves behind frustration.

But alas! I had not seen the end of the quotation,

“Never trust a friend who speaks... 

Badly of a comrade”.  Oh how dull, my admiration

For those genius ancient Greeks

Sank back, their friends were not as mine,

Loyal, four legged, canine.