Sunday, 30 May 2021

Following the Herd

Why do you follow convention?

Why believe what you are told?

Some men may act sans evil intention,

And some men are unmoved by gold.

But men who seek power have mostly sold

Their souls to Satan, and earn their pension

Doing his work in the world.

Why do you follow convention?

And think like your fellow men, it seems beyond comprehension

That as these events unfold,

You suck up the lies like spaghetti, enjoy them, pay them attention.

Why believe what you are told?

Where is your elderly wisdom, why do you keep such firm hold

Of the trust you once placed in the notion

Our ‘leaders’ are fine men and bold?

Some men may act sans evil intention,

Mere bumbling fools without apprehension,

As trusting of others as you, ewes within the fold,

Who cannot imagine slaughter, so do not attempt prevention.

Some men are unmoved by gold,

But most can be bought and will try to mould

The world as their master wants it, or if not the world then the nation.

Yet thinking as I do is also stale and cynical and cold,

And trust and faith themselves have a lamb like, holy dimension,

You follow.

Saturday, 22 May 2021

Good Morning, Ladies and Gentlemen, Boys and Girls, LGBTQ Plus.

I feel nothing but confusion,

When you speak about inclusion,

For I am me and cannot be included,

I am different, don’t you see,

I’m unique and quite deluded,

Inclusion’s only ever an illusion.