Sunday, 29 August 2021

Study Shows Public Fed New Bullshit Every Day

A study in the journal Nature shows,

The public are still being fed BS.

A study by a scientist who knows,

Will demonstrate they would not care for less,

They're used to propaganda now, you see,

They're happy inside Plato's cave, secure,

And bullshit tastes delicious and it's free,

So let them take their fill, then give them more.

A study in the Lancet makes things clear

A new computer model has predicted

The public will demand more every year,

And also ask that they should be restricted,

And that those who still question things be shot,

Philosophers think everything's a plot.

Thursday, 19 August 2021

Fast Food Joint, Pompeii

Duck, Snails and Paella,

Roll up, roll up, Roman fella,

I have a hunch

You’ll need your lunch.

Snails, Paella and Duck,

Will bring you great good luck,

Duck, Paella and Snails

As the lava flow trails,

Glides, slides down Vesuvius’ sides,

You’ll hear the screams and wails

As you yell a

Farewell, away you will flee 

Hot footing it, literally, down to the sea,

And you’ll give a kind thought to the seller,

Of Duck and Snails and Paella,

Who provided the fuel to the coast,

Where you think you’ll avoid being roast,

Where you’ll hide from the tide

In a sea cave or grotto

Where yet you’ll be boiled alive, like a squid

And not feel that I did you much of a quid

And won’t live to do me a pro quo,

But in that last moment at least you will know 

Your last meal was duck, snail Paella, 

And not boring old slug, goose Risotto.  

Tuesday, 10 August 2021

We will not rest until 100% of the goal posts have been shifted

I will not stop until I’ve finished here,

And since my work, by nature, cannot end

I will not ever stop, so have no fear,

I am your man, on me you can depend

I’ll push this thing as far as it can go.

The headline writers will not headlines lack,

I’ll keep them fed and keep them in the know,

As far as possible, and then change tack,

And set a fresh, new course for us to follow.

Which I will claim will be the best of all.

I’ll make the whole change easier to swallow

By claiming I’m responding to the call

Of practical concerns. I never drift,

My life’s work's getting goal posts to shift.