Tuesday, 22 January 2019

That Velvet Gentle Love

The peace within the room is there
Despite the people, unaware,
Who chatter, do not sense it yet,
Don’t have the knack, or else forget
The way they felt it long ago

In childhood, in their mother’s arms,
Soothed after stress or wild alarms
That velvet, gentle love that calms
Is still, pervades, yet seems to flow

From some point out of reach, obscure.
Perhaps I need it to restore
My equilibrium once more
And so I sense it and I know

The truth of all that’s said of it.
Its peach and honey warmth, sunlit,
Its strength that leads one to commit,
Accept, and yield and then to grow.

By seeking for it every day
One lives outside, beyond the fray,
Immune to fellow apes’ display
Of dominance, their wish to show

The world their violence or strength.
We measure by a different length
To ascertain the depths of things,
The depths of peace that stillness brings
The depths of love that swells and springs

To fill the void that’s left by woe.

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