Thursday, 20 July 2017

A Time And A Place For Everything

(on actors, conductors, performers,  who give political lectures to audiences.)

There is one, which implies
That it is also true
That some things, said, at certain times,
In certain places,
Are bound to take us by surprise,
Which is not always a pleasant thrill.

And you have no brief
To impose your restricted
Point of view,
In the sadly mistaken belief,
You're voicing a universal truth
A sweeping panorama.

If we came to hear a concert,
Or came to watch a drama,
Then how ever much you may wish 
To do something different and new,
And know yourself not in the first flush of youth
And think yourself, therefore, wise,
Still we came to admire your professional skill
And this kind of admiration differs
From an admiration of you.