Sunday, 21 February 2016

A Significant Protest

I have gaffer taped my nipples
Put a gas mask on my face
I'm going on a protest,
This idea is a disgrace.
In fact it is so dreadful
I shall only wear lace knickers,
And shall really wave my knockers,
As I cause some major ripples 
Speaking loudly of how vile it is:
I'll really make my case.
And the whole world will remember
This dreary day in late December
When I gaffer taped my nipples,
Put a gas mask on my face.
For I heard some statisticians
Say attention almost triples
When statements emphasised by bosoms
Are heard and seen about a place.
Although the cold so nearly cripples
What with joggling and jiggles
To the tunes of folk musicians,
(Penny whistles, flutes with fipples)
I shall make my point and giggles
Will not be heard, nor smirking seen:
For a girl who shouts and wiggles
About issues, not small niggles,
Is a force of nature, serious and green.

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