Wednesday, 14 February 2018

Do You Self Identify As Fat? (Tomorrow’s ‘Woman’s Hour’ Phone In)

Do you self identify as fat?
Phone us or get in touch by text,
Are you a lard arse, or what?
Is your self identification a pretext
For self obsession?
Do you think continually about your weight
While harping bitterly about those you hate,
Those who seem determined to teach you a lesson
About giving up binge eating and taking up exercise?
Are you eating away at yourself, while eating a way all day?
Or is your self identification,
A kind of self protection,
Do you feel you own your obesity and are wise
To its power, do you admire your flab while in the shower,
Marvelling at its roly-poly layers?
Are you Rubenesque?
Do you give thanks to those who portray us
As desirable, in our mounds of flesh, or think their work toxic,
Yourself grotesque,
Do you see weight as a force for good,
Are you truly one of us, one of the sisterhood,
Or just anorexic?

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