Monday, 2 July 2018

I Passed The Devil On The Stairs

The Devil passed me on the stairs, 
As I was coming up them,
He looked down on my childish thoughts,
Decided to corrupt them.
He stopped to talk and blocked my way,
I could not pass, nor could I stem
The flow of strange, polluting words,
He poured and spat like yellow phlegm,
He simply, coarsely had his say. 

He did not seek to be let in,
He did not tempt me with ideas,
This was not Milton’s man,
To pour foul ‘truths’ into my ears
Was this vile creatures plan.
And they were truths, to the extent
They honestly described
The goings on of fellow men,
Unlimited, he spoke to span
The whole range of human sin. 

Now men and agents of the state,
It seems have recently imbibed,
His poison makes them mad, intent,
Fanatical, resolved, hellbent,
On ‘educating’ children then,
Disguising their black deeds as good,
Destroying what has been for years
A pledge, a contract understood.

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