Wednesday, 5 September 2018

Climate Change

It’s been all pathetic fallacy, politically,
We’ve been extreme, 
Defending Corbyn speaking anti Semitically,
Or wishing him dead, instead, 
And warming to our theme,
Yet unable to think critically
We’ve been tweeting out abuse,
Letting bitchy one liners define us. 
But it’s no use,
Autumn’s nearly here, all moderate and mellow,
Turning our politicians Lib Dem yellow,
There’ll be no Brexit, just stale compromise
And the usual, temperate lies,
And the climate will be English, once more,
We’ll tell ourselves prag trumps dog matic
And constant tepid pleasant, trumps occasional ecstatic.
We might even start to put radio four on,
And listen for minutes before shouting ‘moron’,
Things will be as they were before
And we’ll find it was all just weather,

Oh well, whatever!

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