Saturday, 25 July 2020

At The Intersection of Me Myself and I

I am your ally, with the emphasis on I,
I know that I am perfect, therefore privileged, and try
To overcome my perfection by feigning empathy, sans shame,
With those less fortunate than myself, so I feel free
To say:
 'I love you, as you're BAME',
With the emphasis on ME,
For I piggyback on victimhood
Ride it back, where it should be,
By supporting via memes, with the emphasis on me,
Shared on my iPhone every day,
With the emphasis on I.
The ninth letter does just satisfy
In an onanistic, narcissistic sort of way
That just can't be achieved with LGB
Or T or Q,
The I outdoes the eye
For informing my world view,
Me myself and I are the things that I see,
Sympathy as artifice my game,
With the emphasis on me.
Criticising, screeching, apportioning blame,
Tweeting to besmirch you,
Denoting virtual virtue,
My modus operandi
With the emphasis on virtual and I:
Please note pronouns, Me, Mine, My.

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