Wednesday, 3 February 2021


The body politic has been infected,

Its soul is poisoned with the spores

Of arrogance and tyranny, now easily detected

In the ruthless, lying speeches of the bores.

And the ruthless lying species which is politician

Sweats his megalomania through his pores,

And fills the air until each foul deception

Is accepted by the trusting population,

Unable to detect the putrid stink of scores

Of men and whores who love corruption.

Not satisfied with merely abetting the destruction

Of all that was held good, they impose laws

Enshrining toxic nonsense, 

Dripped from brains of unelected

Parasites. For the cause,

That is the real infection,

Must be imposed yet still respected.

Thus the trusting, ant-like people of the nation,

Are told that total ruination,

(Since it’s done for their own safety and protection)

Is a benefit and really has no flaws.


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