Monday, 1 March 2021

Bio: Other Parts of Speech

Bio: Other Parts of Speech

Pronouns (She/Her) are so last week,

What about the other parts of speech,

The real identifiers simple pronouns cannot reach?

I’m thinking of ‘my verbs’, the ones ‘I speak’

To explain ‘who’ ‘I am’, and ‘what’ ‘I do’,

The verbs which make ‘me’ ‘me’, make ‘me’ unique

So different to the verbs which make ‘you’ ‘you’. 

First ‘to feel’, ‘to write’, ‘to preach’.

‘Enunciate’,  ‘pontificate’ and ‘teach’

Or ‘educate’. Then ‘to share’ and ‘care’

And next ‘protest’ and ‘riot’, ‘fight’, ‘despair’,

At how the world is full of sin, I can’t ‘explain’,

Because there is no God in my world view,

And yet I ‘know’ some things ‘cause’ pain,

And these are not ideas ‘I approve’,

And so ‘I gloss’ over contradictions, which ‘I find’

Is easy if ‘I don’t engage’ my mind,

It’s simple ‘to ignore’ discrepancies, 

If one ‘avoids’ all reason,

If one is woke alone to what’s on trend this season. 

Which brings me to my adverbs, for ‘you see’ 

There’s more than mere verbs and pronouns about ‘me’.

First there’s ‘deeply’, describing how ‘I feel’

About the latest fashionable cause.

Then ‘loudly’ describing how ‘I shout’ and ‘squeal’,

When ‘faced’ with old ideas ‘proposed’ by bores,

Then ‘aggressively’ describing how ‘I fight’,

On Twitter against fascist twats and the Far Right.


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