Saturday, 9 April 2022

The World of Things, the Human World

 I have retreated to the world of things,

And mostly to the world of things in lists,

The world of coffers, mule chests and kists,

And all the happiness that old oak brings.

The world of Victor Chinnery, MacQoid,

Where all is peace and beauty, solid strength,

Though not all truth, and yet I can’t avoid

Reality in weight, height, depth and length.

I laugh at old attempts to pass things off

As many decades older than they are,

Yet age revered, age as a guiding star

Is not a principle at which I scoff,

Indeed, it is the one by which I live,

And men who tried to make age manifest

Were emulating all that they thought best,

And so it is our duty to forgive

And see the decent motivation with the eye

That prides itself on picking out the lie.

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