Saturday, 7 September 2013

Making Pork Curry In Time To Jazz Record Requests 'Sound of Cinema' On Radio 3.

The onion is chopped in syncopation,
giving rise,
to uneven size
and the the spices' distribution
becomes a matter of concern
as I toss it in on a riff
and recoil from the whiff
of turmeric which burns
in the gas flame
licking madly round the pan
as I scan
the fridge for something crazy
enough to match the sound of the sax,
squealing in ecstasy.
But then I understand; my expectancy
that this lazy,
way to cook and simultaneously relax,
won't change the way
the food tastes. It'll be the same
old pork curry as ever,
food that tastes like my food,
because there's never any Billie Holiday
in the cupboard, to change the mood.

BBC Radio 3

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