Wednesday, 1 January 2014

Jan 1st 2014

The first day of 2014,
Grey, bleak and cold
Spiteful, harsh and mean,
Rain on the wind,
Familiarity with this kind of dismal weather
Has bred contempt,
January: dull and old
Before its begun.

And now I wish to make myself exempt
From its effect,
Exclude myself altogether,
My desire is to rescind,
Cancel my contract
Until April,
Annul participation
Indulge in hibernation.

The first day of 2014
Grey, bleak and cold,
Gloomy, dark and vile,
As so many other January firsts have been,
Familiarity with this kind of weather
Has bred contemptuous whinging
Since the dawn of time,
There is nothing innately worthwhile
About putting it in rhyme,
The skill
Of meteorological moaning.

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