Thursday, 1 May 2014

Penguin Rhyming Dictionary Wind Turbine and Power Station Poem

Is a wind turbine preferable
to a power station?
Are turbines more tolerable,
given their green-ness and their brilliant white?
Is the sight
of sunset, as a backdrop, more admirable,
more memorable
with wind turbines in the foreground?
Or given that clouds are generable,
as well as electricity,
from cooling towers,
is it the combination of their powers
which is favourable?
Is it ethical or honourable
to judge such things aesthetically,
the agéd concrete,
majestical and venerable,
with PVC, pointy, narrow;
Are they comparable?
Who shall judge,
the viewer or economist,
the poet or environmentalist?
Is the landscape littered now like this
with experimentation
Who, if we decide that they are useless,
will be answerable?

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