Sunday, 25 January 2015

Top Trumps

My cause takes precedence because it's mine.
There is no evidence but I define
myself as an oppressed minority,
as such I claim superiority.
I "wear my tribulation like a rose",
Whose sickly fragrance fills the air about me,
so that when you're in my presence
you needs must breathe it in,
bow down before my suffering
and never doubt me.
To question any claim I make to victimhood
is to deny and utterly offend me,
my existence is my terrible affliction;
your sympathy confirms man's brotherhood.
My cause takes precedence because it's mine,
and knowing this you must enshrine
in law my right to more than understanding.
Never ask if what I am demanding
imposes far too much. For the frustration
others feel at my commanding
so much of what they are allowed to do
is very much a price worth paying,
because I am superior to you.

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