Wednesday, 3 June 2015


Bruce, please don't reduce Bruce
To basic biology,
Your sort can't  shake loose
The thought of the noose
With useless psychology.
Let 's call a truce,
Don't call it abuse
You need to feel free,
Understand liberty.
Girls don't have to look spruce,
Or try and seduce,
We have agency.
The choice you have made is
One you couldn't evade, viz.
It was meant, heaven sent
Determined for you.
No, there's nothing abstruse,
And this is the truth,
You CHOOSE your 'fate'
So celebrate!
Don't let the obtuse,
Try and confuse, Bruce
With some weird mistake
He was not a fake whose
Original mould you just had to break,
That's not your news.
As you made yourself lovely
And glamorous and thin,
So you chose to become this transgender, Caitlin.

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