Sunday, 5 April 2020

Stay At Home

Stay at home, protect our NHS
Make sure you do not breathe to excess,
Stay at home, protect the air, 
Protect the lovely workers, who care:
Don’t use up sunlight, stay ill and pale,
You give off CO2 every time you exhale.

Stay at home leave your neighbours in the lurch,
But snitch if you see them making extra purch
ases, stay at home in peace and quiet,
We can’t let you out
As we’re scared that you might riot.
Stay in your poky flat, where the air is stale,
20 storeys up, to protect the silence:
For walking outside is doing violence.

Stay at home, protect the church,
Remember not to celebrate the resurrection,
Taking communion is insurrection.
It may look like political failure,
But don’t even contemplate
Raising an objection.

Stay at home, protect democracy,
Stay at home, protect the state,
Stay at home and clap and celebrate
This all encompassing,
Bullying bureaucracy
But take note,
They stole our liberty:
Since Parliament has failed,
Since it would not use its breath,
To defend our freedom with proper debate,
Then let this failed Parliament suffer death.
Stay at home, refuse to vote,
Stay at home when the bastards need a mandate. 

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