Monday, 14 December 2020

Committed to Ensuring A Hostile Culture of Mutual Antipathy and Intolerance

In the wake of a row at Cambridge about ‘respect’ versus ‘tolerance’ the chief big wig sent out a message to staff telling them that the university was committed to ensuring their work place would be a respectful and supportive sort of a place - words to that effect. Any way, Douglas Murray, writing in Unherd, brought up the old fashioned notion that you should turn statements the opposite way about, before making them  and ask yourself if anyone would ever propose what you are declaring yourself against, before putting them out there to be scoffed at. So he asked would anyone ever say “we are committed to ensuring a culture of mutual antipathy and intolerance”?  Of course the answer is no, but the comments sections in online publications is the natural home for people like me, who like doing battle with other people’s idiotic ideas, hence my response:

Here, in the comments’ section,

We are committed to ensuring 

A culture of mutual antipathy and intolerance

Most hostile,

Every day we shall make a selection

Of remarks our fellows have made

And pour on them scorn and rejection

Because there’s nothing half so enduring

And guaranteed to make one smile,

As the feeling of satisfaction

One gets from being vile.

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