Wednesday, 23 December 2020

God or the Great Re Set?

 Would you recognise the Devil, if he spoke to you of science,

Would you think him merely rational, a voice of wisdom, sanity?

And what of economics, would you act in shocked defiance

If he said you must accept the latest, ill thought out inanity?

You think you’d act with reason, but that is really not sufficient,

For reason is the basis of our mere, human will,

And the Devil is persuasive and well practised and efficient

And his arguments are pleasing and they’re made with skill.

But that’s not to say our human goodness, is never scientific

Or economic wisdom is not possible for man,

Only that our focus as we try to find a course of action,

To fix the endless holes in the bursting dam,

Created by the state in response to science fiction,

Should not be on Mammon, but on God’s plan.

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