Sunday, 4 July 2021

How I See Myself Reading News and Comment

 How I See Myself  Reading News and Comment

I can’t explain why truth is true,

How right is right or how I knew

That something everyone believed

Was utter rubbish, ill conceived.

I couldn’t give an interview

And prove by some great mental fight

Another chap was talking shite,

I can’t examine figures and explain

How they do not back up another’s claim.

And when I speak in words as old and plain

And simple as the best things always are,

I sound as boring and as dreary as the rain,

While others, full of fervour, eyes aflame,

Are more convincing, propping up the bar. 

And still I read the papers every day,

And listen to ideas and the way

That they’re presented as established fact,

And as I am plain thinking, lacking tact,

I read, I think, I stew and I react

As if a guiding light had shown the course,

Though I might not know the reasons, 

Or the motives of the source,

I am merely an earnest news inspector,

Experienced through many cycles, seasons,

With finely tuned and honed bullshit detector. 

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