Monday, 21 June 2021

Human Augmentation 3


“The impact of legislative changes on moral beliefs is also important, with some evidence suggesting that changes to morality are often caused by legislative changes.  Defence, however, cannot wait for ethics to change before engaging with human augmentation, we must be in the conversation from the outset to inform the debate and understand how ethical views are evolving.”


The impact of changes in legislation,

Upon the public’s moral foundation,

Provides us with hope, for there’s some suggestion

The dutiful, rule-loving population

Have no thought at all for morality,

Caring only for popularity

Among their peers.


Espousing fashionable ideas,

Trumps all more basic moral fears,

And every educated type, believes the latest hype.


We must start engaging

Before any raging,

Plant seeds in many minds, as we plan,

And prepare our acts,

We must always reiterate,

That as long as there’s debate,

And people are shown a few facts,

Then governments may legislate.

For defence cannot wait for ethics to change,

Before we start to rearrange

Our understanding of what can

And what cannot be done to man.




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