Thursday, 3 June 2021

“Conspiracy Theories“

I heard a story once, and I believed it,

Not because I knew

That it was literally true,

But because whoever had conceived it,

Had thought it worth inventing, as a warning,

About what men with power can do.

I heard a fable once and knew the tale,

Especially the moral at its ending,

Was one that I should heed,

And it has served me well indeed,

And things of such great use should never need defending. 

And so I put my trust in pure invention,

Which speaks a beneficial truth to comprehension, 

That lies beneath the skin of understanding,

And serves its purpose as a tool,

And though I’m often called a fool,

I don’t give in when others are demanding

That I should listen to the narratives the state tells,

Because they’re called ‘the news’ or ‘scientific fact’,

For though politicians do not speak of evil fairies,

They’re experts in casting spells. 


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