Monday, 21 June 2021

Human Augmentation 2


“The reliance on personal data to enable human augmentation will pose significant data security and privacy challenges. The frameworks to secure this data will have to be both national and international in nature, ensuring that it is easily shared and used for common good, but also well protected.”


To proceed with its implementation,

The science of human augmentation,

With its reliance on information,

Known previously as personal data,

Must pre-empt the great frustration,

Which will arise, sooner or later,

At having to deal with public fear

Of security threats and privacy invasion.

Nations must do more than initiate conversation,

Governments must put in place legislation,

And reassure the public, all that they hold dear,

Is safe in the hands of the state,

Hidden from those that hate.

Governments must appear,

Incredibly sincere,

Reassure the general population

That their lives won’t really be affected,

That they’ll be guarded, well protected,

Despite the little chips, inserted under the skin,

Controlling their every thought and every mood they’re in.



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