Friday, 8 January 2016

Angela Merkel Speaks Candidly About The Future For Germany And Europe, Her Happy Youth In The GDR, And The Influence Of Critical Theory On Her Policies.

The wreckage over which Karl Marx will stride
'Colossus like' is mine.  And see the care I take.

I started quite some time ago.  I tried
To follow theory, and make no mistake
You were quite blind, but nothing was opaque.
Every action lead towards destruction.  I never lied.
Each step was obvious, thought out, like all I undertake.

The wreckage over which Karl Marx will stride
I brought about, through policies designed to override
Traditional ideas. I did it for the sake
Of all those happy childhood years. Now pride,
Colossus like, is mine and see the care I take
Of friends. Those who kept good order then, now have a stake.
And anarchists wash up on every tide,
We let them in, it helps to heal the heartache.

I started quite some time ago, I tried
To think as Marcuse taught, now I decide
The fate of citizens, and though I'm like a snake
You're taken in.  Marxism is science, but it must be applied.
To follow theory, and make no mistake
I do, is all very well, but it takes skill to shake
A continent to ruin, you see my plan is Europe wide.
And after anarchy and rape you'll be happy to forsake
Those old ideas of liberty, to seek protection of the state and hide, 
The wreckage over.

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  1. Thank you, a good read, worth the time.
    I'm not sure there is a God either, but there ought to be.
    There are indeed glimpses in Handel, as well as Bach & Monteverdi.
    I bookmarked your site.