Thursday, 14 January 2016

Inspired By The Translation Of A Headline In An Eastern European Newspaper.

"No bastards on earth more abominable
Than the liberal pigs digging Europe's grave"
No words ever more intolerable, 
Than those couching terms of freedom while seeking still to enslave
And fetter, stifle truth. Such men behave
As if their ways are more humane, and ours reprehensible,
Blind to how the road to Hell, they help each day to pave.
No bastards on earth more abominable
Devoted apostles of a cause incomprehensible,
Importing violent anarchy in wave after wave.
No lumbering idiots more unstoppable
Than the 'liberal' pigs digging Europe's grave.
Snorting and wallowing at the trough, passing law in conclave.
And yet, no spirit more indomitable
Than liberty. So on our minds let us engrave
"No bastards more intolerable
Than those determinedly hospitable
Towards misogynists who crave
Machismo's outlet:  rape". Were words ever less intelligible
Than those couching terms of freedom, while seeking still to enslave
Free men by binding them with petty law, while those who would deprave
Are encouraged, left alone?  Surely this is unconscionable?
The liberal's mind is comatose, has decided to waive
It's right to pronounce on injustice. There are no men less honourable,
On earth.

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