Tuesday, 12 January 2021


 “The rude, raw, 'let it all hang out' freedom of the Californian hippies was in fact the most censorious and oppressive of societies that I have encountered.” Roger Scruton

The Californian hippy, rude and raw,

And ‘let it all ‘hang out, man’, was an actor,

In truth he was the most censorious bore,

Thought oppression fitting for a benefactor.

A man who seeks to bring about great change,

Destroy convention, always rearrange

The world in his own image, one great mess,

Untidy, shabby, scruffy quite unkempt,

Holds everyone beneath his vast contempt. 


  1. ... ! ... but the scruffy, hippy original was at least not as remotely envenomed, toxic, marxy of the Frankfurt School ( though they may be too ignorant to know it ) as the current stooges who, in line with Frankfurt and Hobsbawm and the rest, seek to destroy - entirely without debate. And are pandered to as in any late empire.

    1. The phrase 'Make love not war' was dreamed up by Marcuse, wasn't it? I think the original hippies were the product of Frankfurt School.