Friday, 8 January 2021

On Modern Moral Psychology

 All humanity consists of five main types.

You can class them on the fingers of one hand.

The nice ones are the lefties with their gripes

About the world not really being fair,

Because, I think you need to understand,

That this is how we neutral people judge.

The others are the nasty right wing sort,

Authoritarians and racists, homophobes,

Who ought to shuffle off this mortal coil,

Because they disapprove of 'others' and begrudge

The outgroup taking all their jobs

While at the same time moaning about benefits,

Paid out to shirkers, how they rant!

They don't like change, they're thick and toil

At red neck work, and don't like slobs,

But that's because they're racists, in the end,

Everything comes down to this, you comprehend.

The lefties are the caring, loving goodies,

Keeping standards low and hugging hoodies.

But I'm an academic and no slant

Of bias can be found within my work.

There's nothing that I claim I cannot verify,

By referencing myself, though this might terrify

Those who search for scientific rigour.

I do not give a toss, because I'm bigger

Than those morons on the right,

Who are not very bright,

What are they to me?  I'm Mr Big, I'm Mr Haidt

Or wait,

Perhaps I’m really Mr Haidt

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