Thursday, 14 January 2021


Since Greek philosophy did not define

The happiness that comes from living well,

Then who are western governments to tell

What such elusive happiness might be?

And how can it be proved we undermine

This ‘eudaimonia’, with policy,

Which seeks to keep our populations safe,

From vile disease and risk of being ill?

Since Greek philosophy did not spell out,

What living well was really all about,

And Western governments agree

That life itself’s worth more than being free,

Yet do not see it as our task

To bear in mind effects of policy,

Then who the hell are you to question me?

From now on you shall live behind closed doors

And thank the NHS you live at all,

And praise it to the skies, despite its flaws.

Since you are shut up safe behind a wall,

Behind a mask, 

In sanitary, solitary, social isolation,

What right have you to vent your foul frustration?

Venting spreads disease among the feeble population,

And who the hell are you to question me?


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