Monday, 17 March 2014

Walking the Dog Late Afternoon

There was something of September in the afternoon sky,
But something of July in the heat and stillness,
Walking out in the grass turning pale brown
Among cow pats.
There was something of September in the light,
A clarity. And the cumulus nimbus
Seemed as jazzy as Charles Mingus
Playing Fables of Faubus on Radio 3
Making the kitchen bright and crazy.
But that inexplicable "back to school" feeling
Seemed to fight
With the hot and hazy "Go Between" scene
Of the flat land by the river,
Silty, sluggish behind willow
And the masses of sorrel, just turning coral
Instead of lime green.
There was something -- a feeling of déjà vu
Because I've seen it all before,
A blonde dog bouncing ahead
And the farm, an oasis, leafy old trees
Among ripening wheat.
There was something lovely, calm,
But nothing new.

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