Friday, 14 March 2014

We Humans (Rondeau Redoublé)

We humans, we're all pigs, one might say,
A metaphor being merely a metaphor,
Forgetting this, we have been led astray,
Chalking new rules for each species - more and more.
As pigs we have our pig like needs, or,
To put the thing another way,
We are all equal. As I mentioned before,
We humans, we're all pigs. One might say
We are not indivisible, though each day
Our thinking grows more sheep-like; one can't ignore
This - as the web of influence grows we are more grey -
A metaphor being merely a metaphor.
Each pig is different. The boar
And sow I'll grant have different shapes, but we're not prey
And predator:
Forgetting this we have been led astray.
We need to put things right, must not delay,
Take back the idea of equality and restore
Our sense of commonality, not waste away
Chalking new rules for each species - more and more,
Each of us is pig; each unique. The flaw
With Orwell was that he'd portray
Classes: horses, sheep, dogs, hens. Heretofore
This had its use, but still we're all pigs I say,
We humans.

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