Monday, 17 March 2014

Yorkshire Wildlife Park

Flat cap and whippet land,
Place of the pigeon and
Canary, home of the slag heap
And colliery, now has tigers.
Armthorpe, you know the name,
Well, it's gone from Main to manes,
In less than twenty years,
Lions roam the plains
At Old Cantley, and tigers and gazelle.
Oh well! 
You can ski
At Glass Houghton,
Spend the day saying "weeeeeee";
All year round.
Cortonwood's just an Asda,
Matalan, B and Q,
You can play golf on quite a few
Former slag heaps, they make
Good links.
If you can afford to pay
(Sixty quid, for two adults, two kids)
You can spend the day
Not far from Markham Main,
Imagining you're in Madagascar,
With the lemurs,
Where men once toiled their lives away.

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