Friday, 4 March 2016

Closet Narcissism

"What type of altruistic sod are you?
There are two:
The kind that thinks of reciprocity,
Or the kind with genuine empathy.
Because if I suspect you are only being kind
Because it makes you look good,
Or because you think I might be kind back,
You've got another thing coming!
You narcissistic swine.
You won't get past me,
Saying what's yours is mine,
Because you think I might say what's mine's yours,
Cos it's not, see!
So it's pointless, it will only end in frustration.
You don't fool me,
I don't want your charity
Or your bloody inculcating
In the ways of love and consideration.
I've seen.
They've got this machine
Reads brainwaves.
It will spot your flaws,
It will prove that you're unfit
To be anywhere near me.
They've got this way of telling
Exactly what your thinking,
Looks inside your head
And sees the kindness centres,
Only they're not spelling words of sympathy,
They're just bloody calculating.
You altruistic, narcissistic, reciprocating little shit!"

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