Wednesday, 23 March 2016

Out Of Time

I seem to have run out of time,
It has fallen behind the cooker.
It slid off its hook on the wall.  
I have also run out of interesting.
Interesting depends on portions -
Portions depend on time.
You can't just gorge.
You can't read every article 
In the rightwing press
Enjoying being incensed by the state of the country these days
And the feeling of boiling blood.
You can't just feast
On every piece of seventeenth
Century or Georgian furniture
For sale in the auction catalogues,
Or examine every antique on eBay
And make yourself sad
Knowing you can't scheme
About getting hold of the next one,
Because you bought one last week
And you have to ration. 
You can't look at every single
Historic property on Rightmove
Because you just get constipated in the head.
You can't get on at all
When time has fallen off the wall,
And got stuck behind the cooker.
Even when you own two longcase clocks that bong.
And don't bother pointing out 
The digital clock on the computer,
Because digital time comes from digit
Which means poking finger,
Scrolling finger, and it is entirely unrelated to real time
They just don't compare.
Real time is behind the cooker 
Getting covered in brown gunge and dog hair.

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